White Label

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White Label

Legend Corporation offers a White Label Solution for you to resell our platform to your clients.

In many cases, building a customized solution from scratch in an attempt to meet the exact specifications of your business can be a setup for failure. That’s because building your own solution can lead you to:

  • reinvent the wheel, making mistakes that we have already made and mastered;
  • dramatically slow down your time to market, as you try to troubleshoot and increase your learning curve outside your core competency;
  • spend too much money developing tools and solutions that already exist in other formats;
  • miss out on resources and expertise in the specific space where you need a focused solution.

These pitfalls can be easily avoided simply if you opt for a white label solution, rather than building one yourself. You can customize the webstore with your own brand, logo and identity, allowing your customers to associate the products with your company.

Frequent communication between your company, your employees or franchisees, end users and Legend Corporation is the key to succeed.

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